Pure Bentong Ginger Drink

Pure Bentong Ginger Drink

P+ HomeMade Bentong Ginger Drink

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This pure Bentong ginger tea with brown sugar has excellent quality & taste. (“绵绵口感” 口味, 内容丰富)

1. All our products are handmade and limited production 


  2. Pure ingredient with famous Malaysia Bentong Ginger 


  3. No preservatives, no coloring added, does not contain any unknown additives 


  4. 100% natural ingredients 


  5. Extraction of ginger juice through hours of traditional brewing and natural coagulation 


  6. Absolute conscience products 



 Halal - Not certified halal but does not contain non-halal ingredients


INGREDIENTS: Bentong ginger, brown sugar



Place 1-2 tablespoons of ginger powder in a cup of boiling/hot water. 

Stir thoroughly until completely dissolved.

Replace your normal sugar with this into teh tarik / oat / coffee. 

You can use it to cook tong yuen. It tastes really good.



Keep refrigerated / stay cool, clean and dry place



3 -4 months

PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 200 gram | 300 gram | 500 gram |

Customer Reviews:

1. Hair drop is lesser, back pain reduce.

2. A mummy pregnant 1st trimester. Very bad morning sickness. 

She said Ginger tea helps her a lot. 

She prepare a thermos and drink slowly for whole day so it work well for her.

  3. Sinus Headache - Help to clear nasal blockage.

  4. Able to boost up mothers milk.

  5. Reduce joint pain.

Replace your normal sugar with this Bentong ginger tea with brown sugar into teh tarik / oat / coffee. It tastes really good!

Is one healthy tea always not enough? Try to check Drinks out before you check out!

Do check out the 15 health benefits of drinking Bentong Ginger Tea here. 

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