Kitchen Soy Sauce 【至亲酱油】
Kitchen Soy Sauce 【至亲酱油】
Kitchen Soy Sauce 【至亲酱油】

Kitchen Soy Sauce 【至亲酱油】


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《至亲酱油》 一种像带有酒香味似的古早味酱油...通过面豉发酵出一种独特的香味,把最原始的酱油提升到另一种层次!
《Kitchen Soy Sauce》 It is a bit taste like wine....An unique fragrance is fermented through the soybean paste which brought the quality of this soy sauce to another level!


Let's take a closer look at the soy sauce that you are using if it is containing sugar, preservatives, or MSG?


This “Kitchen Soy Sauce” production process uses only: soy beans, salt, flour, water.


Different from the soy sauce commonly sold in the market, this home-made soy sauce does not contain any preservatives, monosodium glutamate, or even sugar.


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