The Story

One Roast at A Time Obviously Coffee, is the new kid in the Kuala Lumpur’s artisanal coffee scene. It is founded by Ben who is a fellow coffee aficionado. Ben was a sought-after Taiwanese photographer who had worked with famous celebrities like Wang Lee Hom. In the pursuit for the love of his life, he left his hometown, Taiwan, and moved to Malaysia. The love for his wife eventually led him to his newfound love for coffee. Slowly, his interest for coffee grew. Now, after years of diligence and persistence, tailoring roasting methods to get different coffee smell and taste is something that he does really well. Obviously Coffee is fabulous news for fellow coffee aficionados who emphasize on coffee bean freshness and would like their coffee beans customised to their preference.Obviously Coffee Bean is definitely something worth checking out for coffee aficionados for the freshest and fully-customizable roasted coffee beans.

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