Jo's Bakery

The Story 中文版

Jo’s Bakery is a brand that sells cakes and founded by Josephine. Josephine Started Jo’s Bakery on June 2016. She loves to bake ever since she was in standard 4. At first, it was only a hobby but after a few years, her passion for baking cakes grew stronger. Her favourite is always the cheese cake. One day, she purposely went to Singapore with her friends and tried cakes from 6 different bakeries. Her intention was to research on the ingredients and the flavours. She only uses natural ingredients to bake her cakes whereas other bakeries might have artificial coloring in their cakes. Before she started Jo’s Bakery, she had a lot of support from her friends. It took her a couple of years to create it and now she has 10 types of cakes for sale online. Her dream is that one day, she would be able to own a bakery cafe of her own. Now her cakes are available for anyone to purchase here.

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