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Spreading Love, One Roast at A Time Obviously Coffee, is the new kid in the Kuala Lumpur’s artisanal coffee scene. It is founded by Ben, fellow coffee aficionado, who is also an experienced coffee bean roaster. We met up with Ben at C U Latte cafe located at Klang. At 10.30 in the morning, we arrived at C U Latte. Within seconds of entering the space, we were engulfed by the sweet aroma of coffee. Coffee is our instant pick-me-up. We knew, immediately, we were in for a good start. Ben sat us down and offered each of us a cup of his favourite brew. He carried with him the warm hospitality Taiwanese are well-known for. His friendly and gentle demeanour made us feel welcomed. Before long, we were chatting like old friends do. Over coffee, we were learnt that Ben was a sought-after Taiwanese photographer who had worked with famous celebrities like Wang Lee Hom. In the pursuit for the love of his life, he left his hometown, Taiwan, and moved to Malaysia. The love for his wife eventually led him to his newfound love for coffee. Slowly, his interest for coffee grew.

Now, after years of diligence and persistence, tailoring roasting methods to get different coffee smell and taste is something that he does really well. ---- “Coffee is a form or art” quipped Ben. “Coffee fascinates me. I’ve learnt a lot about coffee, yet, I’m still learning something new everyday”. It was clear to us that coffee will be a lifelong endeavour for this passionate coffee lover. ------ Enthusiastically, Ben proceeded to show us the coffee bean roasting machine and patiently explained to us the step-by-step of roasting coffee beans. He exuded an air of professionalism as he went about demonstrating the process. We had a lot of fun tapping into his vast pool of coffee knowledge. Each question was answered impeccably with nuggets of fun facts. Obviously Coffee is fabulous news for fellow coffee aficionados who emphasize on coffee bean freshness and would like their coffee beans customised to their preference. ---- “The best time to consume coffee beans is 1 to 2 weeks after roasting”. ---- The freshness of roasted coffee bean is of utmost importance to Ben. According to him, the best time to consume coffee beans is 1 to 2 weeks after roasting. Hence, Ben only roasts his coffee beans upon order. He wants to make sure that his customers always receive the freshest roasted coffee beans.

Ben takes pride in knowing that every of his customer gets the perfect cup of brewed coffee every single time. ----- “Depending on the preference of my customers, I can customise my roasting method to produce the taste required” ---- That aside, Ben understands that taste is subjective and every coffee lover has different preferences when it comes to coffee beans - different people find different variety more interesting and palatable. Ben explained that “Depending on the preference of my customers, I can customise my roasting method to produce the taste required”. For instance, he would use the dark roasting method for coffee beans to be brewed using express machine. Obviously Coffee Bean is definitely something worth checking out for coffee aficionados for the freshest and fully-customizable roasted coffee beans. Have a talk with Ben, tell him your preference and he will tailor his roasting method to produce the coffee beans of your choice. After the informative and fun session with Ben, we left feeling inspired and grateful for people like Ben who are committed to their passion. Thank you, Ben, for your persistence in providing us with good quality coffee beans. Ben currently offers single-origin Arabica coffee beans originate from Brazil, Ethiopia and El Salvador. Know more about Ben, the owner of Obviously Coffee.

Q: Ben, tell us more about yourself. What brought to you Malaysia?

A: I met my wife, Christine, when I was pursuing my Photography degree in the US. Upon graduation, we were in a long distance relationship for 3 years as I was based in Taiwan and my wife, in Malaysia. When I returned to Taiwan, I worked as a photographer. When we decided to get married, I made a decision to move to Malaysia to be with my wife. We have a beautiful three-year-old daughter together. Now, I’m an experienced coffee bean roaster.

Q: Have you always liked coffee? What is your coffee story?

A: It was in Malaysia that I started to learn more about coffee and eventually falling in love with coffee. I first came in contact with coffee when I met the cafe owner of C U Latte, Zi Xie. He was the muse that ignited my interest in coffee. We would always discuss about coffee in C U Latte and sometimes we got so carried away that we would talk till the dawn breaks.


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